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Yisong Wang, Ph.D.

Program Director, Basic and Mechanistic Research in Complementary and Integrative Health Branch

Division of Extramural Research

Yisong Wang, Ph.D.

Phone: 301-480-9483


Dr. Yisong Wang is a program director in the Basic and Mechanistic Research Branch of the Division of Extramural Research at the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH). He oversees and manages grant portfolios focusing on biological, immunological, and neurobiological/inflammatory mechanistic studies of dietary supplements and other natural products in the context of immunological/inflammatory and neurological diseases. He is the NCCIH representative on the National Institutes of Health Autoimmune Diseases Coordinating Committee and National Institute on Aging Nutrition Committee.

Before joining the Division of Extramural Research at NCCIH, Dr. Wang was a scientific review officer at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and then at NCCIH, where he organized and managed special emphasis review panels to evaluate research grant and cooperative agreement applications relevant to complementary and integrative health as well as cancer. Dr. Wang completed his Ph.D. in the molecular biology of lymphocytes and cancer development at Karolinska Institute, Sweden, and then joined the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute, Mount Sinai Hospital, as a postdoctoral fellow of the Medical Research Council of Canada. He started his own laboratory as a senior staff member in 2002 in the Systems Genetics Section, Biosciences Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Dr. Wang joined the Center for Cancer Research at NCI in 2009, and then moved to Georgetown University, serving as an associate professor.

Dr. Wang’s research has ranged from basic molecular biology and immunology to translational and clinical research. His work has involved the genomics, proteomics, and molecular mechanistic investigation of cell cycle checkpoint proteins, immune checkpoints, immune cell development, microtubule regulatory proteins, phosphatases, and receptor tyrosine kinases for target-specific drug characterization and therapeutics of lymphoid and thoracic epithelial cell cancers and other diseases. He has published more than 70 research and review articles in peer-reviewed journals including Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Nature Genetics, Journal of Clinical Investigation, Journal of Cell Biology, Journal of Clinical Oncology, Current Biology, Molecular and Cellular Biology, and others.