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NCCIH 2016 Strategic Plan


This plan outlines NCCIH’s strategic direction in complementary and integrative health research. It identifies five core objectives and presents a detailed assessment of opportunities and gaps in the Center’s current top priority areas.

The new strategic plan was developed during an 18-month planning process, with input from NCCIH staff, stakeholders, and scientific advisors, as well as guidance from the broader National Institutes of Health strategic plan.

A Message From the Director


Objective 1: Advance Fundamental Science and Methods Development

Objective 2: Improve Care for Hard-to-Manage Symptoms

Objective 3: Foster Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Objective 4: Enhance the Complementary and Integrative Health Research Workforce

Objective 5: Disseminate Objective Evidence-based Information on Complementary and Integrative Health Interventions

Top Scientific Priorities