About Research Training and Career Development

research training career development

NCCIH supports a variety of high-quality research training and career development opportunities aimed at increasing the number, quality, and diversity of well-prepared and skilled clinical investigators with knowledge and expertise in complementary health.

How Research Training Supports NCCIH's Goals

NCCIH's research-training mission is aligned with the Center's 2016 Strategic Plan, specifically, its objective to enhance the complementary and integrative health research workforce.

One of NCCIH's strategies to achieve this objective is to support research training and career development opportunities to increase the number and quality of scientists trained to conduct rigorous, cutting-edge research on complementary and integrative health practices.

Because complementary and integrative health approaches include a wide variety of modalities and specializations, NCCIH’s training strategies include innovative approaches that incorporate an understanding of this diversity to ensure that future workforce needs are met. In particular, the Center focuses on:

  • Clinician-scientists, including conventionally trained physicians, complementary health practitioners, and other health care professionals (e.g., clinical psychologists, nurses) who conduct research across a wide range of complementary and integrative health approaches

  • Scientists trained in key biomedical and behavioral research disciplines necessary for rigorous, state-of-the-art scientific investigation of complementary and integrative health interventions, practices, and disciplines

  • Individuals from groups who are underrepresented in scientific research (e.g., racial and ethnic minority populations) and are interested in careers in complementary and integrative health research.

More Information on NCCIH's Research Priorities