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NCCIH Clinical Digest

for health professionals

The NCCIH Clinical Digest is a monthly e-newsletter that summarizes the state of the science on complementary and integrative health practices for a health condition (diabetes, cancer, sleep disorders, etc.)—clinical guidelines, literature searches, continuing medical education, and information for patients.

In each issue, you'll find evidence-based information for several complementary health practices used for the highlighted condition.

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Psychological and Physical Practices for Older Adults

May 2024yoga seniors_GettyImage

Many older adults turn to complementary and integrative health approaches, often as a reflection of a healthy self-empowered approach to well-being. Natural products often sold as dietary supplements are frequently used by many older people for various reasons despite safety concerns or a lack of evidence to support their use. Although there is a widespread public perception that the botanical and traditional agents included in dietary supplements can be viewed as safe, these products can contain pharmacologically active compounds and have associated dangers.

Psychological and physical approaches, including relaxation techniques and meditative exercise forms such as yoga, tai chi, and qigong are being widely used by older Americans, both for fitness and relaxation, and because of perceived health benefits. A number of systematic reviews point to the potential benefit of several psychological and physical approaches for symptom management, particularly for pain.

This issue of the digest provides information on complementary and integrative health approaches for conditions clinically relevant to older adults.

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