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NCCIH Clinical Digest

for health professionals

The NCCIH Clinical Digest is a monthly e-newsletter that summarizes the state of the science on complementary and integrative health practices for a health condition (diabetes, cancer, sleep disorders, etc.)—clinical guidelines, literature searches, continuing medical education, and information for patients.

In each issue, you'll find evidence-based information for several complementary health practices used for the highlighted condition.

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Psychological and Physical Approaches for Sleep Disorders

March 2024Woman sleeping

Research has demonstrated beneficial results of cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I) for people with chronic insomnia disorder. There is also some evidence suggesting that relaxation therapy may be useful for this condition. There is limited evidence that other complementary health approaches such as yoga and meditation may be helpful for people with sleep problems. This issue of the digest provides a summary of the current research for several health approaches for sleep disorders, including CBT-I, relaxation techniques, yoga, tai chi, acupuncture, music-based interventions, and meditation and mindfulness practices.

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