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The NCCIH Clinical Digest is a monthly e-newsletter that summarizes the state of the science on complementary and integrative health practices for a health condition (diabetes, cancer, sleep disorders, etc.)—clinical guidelines, literature searches, continuing medical education, and information for patients.

In each issue, you'll find evidence-based information for several complementary health practices used for the highlighted condition.

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Skin Conditions and Complementary Health Approaches

August 2021Skin Conditions Alternate

Research has shown that people with skin conditions often turn to complementary health approaches, particularly vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplements. Despite interest in complementary approaches, there have been only a few studies on complementary health approaches for skin conditions, and those that have been conducted have often had methodological problems. This issue of the digest provides a summary of the current available evidence about complementary health approaches for skin conditions, including atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, acne, impetigo, and rosacea.

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