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NCCIH Clinical Trial Funding Opportunity Announcements

These clinical trial FOAs will help to address gaps in current research and build a strong evidence base.

What Will NCCIH Fund?

How we prioritize areas of research and consider budget when awarding funds.

Types of Grants and Contracts

Explains award mechanisms used to get research funding.

NCCIH Clinical Research Toolbox

Contains templates, sample forms, and information materials to assist clinical investigators.

Grant Application Resources

Links to policies, writing tips, deadlines, forms, and more.

Natural Products Clinical Trials Resource

Understand FDA Requirements for a clinical trial that will use a natural product.

Diversity Programs and Health Disparities Research

We support training opportunities to develop a diverse biomedical workforce and fund research to reduce health disparities and inequities.

Grantee Policies and Resources

Important information and procedures for investigators who already have grants.

Awarded Grants and Contracts

Lists of research and training grants funded for both new and ongoing research, with links to abstracts.