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Accrual Stages

OCRA Recruiting process

Stage 1
Developing a Study

Successful clinical study accrual begins at the protocol writing stage. The earlier in the study's lifecycle that you plan for accrual, the more likely the study is to recruit.

Stage 2
Selecting & Preparing to Open a Study

“Should this clinical study be opened at my site?” This is an important question, and the answer isn't always “Yes!”

Stage 3
Recruiting and Communicating With Participants

The study is open for enrollment. Now what? You should be finding, meeting, and establishing relationships with participants. But how?

Stage 4
Implementing the Study

Managing recruitment and retention is a vital component of overall study management. As recruitment, enrollment, and retention activities are underway, the study team must keep communications and logistics running smoothly. A Recruitment and Retention Plan can help.

Stage 5
Evaluating Accrual and Reporting Lessons Learned

The closing of a study is a time to take stock—to understand both what went well and what did not. Use the lessons learned to build the knowledge and capacity of your team and to strengthen future recruitment efforts.

*Source attribution: This information was adapted from the National Cancer Institute’s AccuralNet portal.