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Finding Information About NIH-Funded Research on NIH RePORTER

Would you like to find out what research projects the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH)—or the entire National Institutes of Health (NIH)—has funded on a complementary and integrative health topic?

Try searching NIH RePORTER1, found online at RePORTER gives you access to an extensive database of information on NIH-funded research projects.

RePORTER was updated in 2020. The new version has several features that make it easier to use, including:

  • A single Quick Search box that accepts multiple types of information, including text, investigators’ names, and project numbers
  • The ability to refine search results without rerunning the search
  • All information on a project displayed together on a single page

Let’s try a search.

Searching for Projects on Tai Chi

Perhaps you’re interested in finding out about research projects on tai chi.

Go to and enter tai chi in the Quick Search box. Click on Search.

Photo of NIH RePORTER Quick Search box showing a search for "tai chi."

You’ll get a list of projects funded by NIH Institutes and Centers (ICs) or certain other agencies, with the most recent projects listed first.

Results of search for "tai chi" in NIH RePORTER

To see information about a project in your search results list, click on the title of the project. You’ll see extensive information, including:

  • An abstract of the project
  • A statement about its public health relevance
  • Details about the principal investigators, the Federal agency program official, start and end dates, and the amount of funding
  • A link to the original funding opportunity announcement (FOA)
  • Lists of publications, patents, and outcomes from the project
Image of the Filters list in NIH RePORTER

Let’s say you want to refine your search to include only NCCIH-funded projects. Click on Agencies in the Filters list and you’ll see this:

List of three agencies, ALLCDC, NIH, and VA, from the NIH RePORTER Filters list.

Click on the > symbol after NIH, and a list of NIH ICs will come up. You can click on the NIH/NCCIH checkbox to obtain your list.

List of NIH Institutes and Centers from NIH RePORTER Filters list

The other option is to add NCCIH as a search term in the box at the top of your search results, and then click on Search.

Search for "tai chi NCCIH" in NIH RePORTER

Either approach will give you the results you’re looking for.

If Quick Search Doesn’t Work

The Quick Search feature of NIH RePORTER was designed around the most frequently searched items, such as investigator names, institutions, and grant numbers. Less common types of search terms may not produce results.

If Quick Search doesn’t give you the results you want, try the Advanced Projects Search box on the NIH RePORTER homepage. It enables you to perform very specific searches using a wide variety of fields.

Advanced Projects Search fields from NIH RePORTER

We tried searching for an FOA number, RFA-AT-19-008. Quick Search did not yield any results, but this Advanced Project Search field did.

An Advanced Projects search field from NIH RePORTER

When we entered the FOA number in the correct format, the search brought up information about the five projects that NCCIH has funded in response to this FOA.

Information from NIH RePORTER on five projects

Find Out More

You can get more details about NIH RePORTER and the types of information it can provide from this FAQ, which can also be reached from the RePORTER homepage.   

1 RePORTER is part of a larger website called RePORT (for Research Portfolio Online Reporting Tools), which provides access to a variety of tools, reports, data, and analyses of NIH research activities. RePORTER (which stands for RePORT Expenditures and Results) is a search tool on the RePORT website. For more information, see the RePORT FAQ.

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Last Updated: July 2021