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NCCIH Clinical Digest

for health professionals

The Note to NCCIH Clinical Digest Subscribers

NCCIH Clinical Digest subscribers,

A few months ago, we conducted in-depth interviews with several health care professionals who subscribe to the NCCIH Clinical Digest to help us identify reading behaviors and preferences that could be used to improve the e-newsletter and better meet your needs, as clinicians. We’d like to take the opportunity to thank those subscribers who participated in the interviews—your comments were informative and invaluable.

Based on the feedback we received, we have refined the Digest and made changes to its format. Starting with this issue on chronic pain, we’re providing summary statements up front for ease of use, supplying study information and findings in bulleted format, and including a reference list with links to PubMed abstracts.

As you seek evidence-based information on complementary health approaches to advise your patients, we hope you find that the Digest is now easier to navigate and continues to be a valuable resource for your practice.