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International Plant Sterols/Stanols, Health and Disease Conference

Date: September 29, 2016 to October 1, 2016

Winnipeg, Canada

Event Description

The Third International Plant Sterols/Stanols, Health and Disease Conference will bring together stakeholders in plant sterol research to present and discuss new findings, define how recent advances in the field impact current health recommendations, and identify areas in need of further scientific discovery. The National Institutes of Health is providing partial funding for the conference. 

Specific objectives for the conference include:

1) Increase and disseminate knowledge on plant sterol interactions with human biology and genetics.
2) Reconcile on-going scientific debates, identify areas of future research, and lay the foundation for future plant sterol and health guidelines.
3) Engage minorities, the underserved, patients and caregivers in plant sterol-related research.

The conference follows a traditional format with keynote/state-of-the-art lectures, scientific sessions with presentations and discussions, and poster presentations. Special support to students and post-doctoral graduates is available through a travel award program. Also, the conference will also be webcast.

For registration and more information: