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Natural Products and Pain: The search for novel nonopioid analgesics

Date: February 6, 2019

Location: NIH Campus, Natcher Bulding 45, Balcony B 45 Center Drive Bethesda, MD 20892

Event Description

The goal of the workshop is to facilitate the identification of novel nonopioid natural products with efficacious and nonaddictive analgesic properties. The workshop will also discuss research barriers for the study of such natural products for pain treatment and management. The discussion will focus on how to identify promising leads based on traditional medicine; how to discover and identify active natural products; and how to characterize the mechanisms through which they act. The talks will be organized around promising known nonopioid classes of natural products from various sources and will walk through their discovery and challenges that have been encountered in their development. The workshop is targeted to researchers engaged in basic and mechanistic research in the fields of natural products and/or pain signaling. We hope that through this workshop we will provide novel and important contributions to the goal of finding solutions to the current pain and opioid crisis.

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