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When To Contact an NCCIH Program Director

NCCIH Program Directors administer NCCIH's scientific programs, oversee grant portfolios, contribute to research priority-setting, and assist grant applicants interested in applying for research opportunities.

The information below suggests at what stage you may find it helpful to contact an NCCIH Program Director.

Before you submit a grant application, you may want to contact a Program Director to:

  • Assess the alignment of your research aims with NCCIH's funding priorities.
  • Discuss most appropriate type of grant (funding mechanism) for the research you plan to propose.
  • Obtain additional advice on preparing an application and/or to see if you should apply in response to a specific funding opportunity announcement. View some of the available NIH grantsmanship resources. View active requests for applications (RFAs) and program announcements (PAs).
  • Seek clarification regarding NIH and NCCIH requirements for use of human subjects, vertebrate animals, or natural products in research.

After you have submitted a grant application and received your summary statement, you may want to contact a Program Director to:

  • Obtain advice regarding your pending application's priority score.
  • Discuss the reviewer critiques contained in your summary statement, and (if your application is eligible) discuss the possibility of resubmission.

After you have received a Notification of Grant Award, you must contact a Program Director to:

  • Discuss issues that may affect progress toward research aims, and obtain approval for significant changes in research aims or scope of research.
  • Obtain approval for changes in key personnel, or significant changes in key personnel level of effort.
  • Discuss changes to study design of clinical trials.

To locate an NCCIH Program Director, go to Division of Extramural Research Program Directors