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Why Do People Use Certain Complementary Approaches?

Why do people use certain complementary approaches?

People who take natural product supplements or who practice yoga are more likely to do so for wellness than for treating a health condition. In contrast, people who use spinal manipulation more often do so for treatment reasons rather than wellness.

Over 85% use natural products for wellness.

Over 40% use natural products for treating a health condition.

Over 90% use yoga for wellness.

Over 15% use yoga for treating a health condition.

Over 50% use spinal manipulation for wellness.

Over 65% use spinal manipulation for treating a health condition.

Citation: Stussman BJ, Black LI, Barnes PM, Clarke TC, Nahin RL. Wellness-related use of common complementary health approaches among adults: United States, 2012. National health statistics reports; no 85. Hyattsville, MD: National Center for Health Statistics. 2015. [402KB PDF]

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