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Working at NCCIH

What Makes NCCIH Attractive?

“At NCCIH, we embrace diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility. We rely on the principles of openness, acceptance, genuine curiosity, and respect, as we work toward and sustain a diverse and inclusive organization. These principles and values also support our mission to determine the fundamental science, usefulness, and safety of complementary and integrative health approaches through the lens of whole person health.”

Access to leadership, having a voice, and the ability to be heard “at the table”

Ability to identify and discuss process changes when you see that they are needed

Career development and training opportunities

Healthy, respectful, and enjoyable place to work—high Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey scores

Working at NCCIH

NCCIH thinks about health in a whole person fashion, and we lead the way at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in supporting rigorous research for widely used approaches, including nondrug therapies and self-care practices, to determine their fundamental science, usefulness, and safety and their roles in improving health and health care. We also conduct research that focuses on the role of the brain in perceiving, modifying, and managing pain.

Why Us?

NCCIH is small but mighty. One of the benefits of working in a small Institute/Center (IC) is that it gives employees the opportunity to work with colleagues across all departments within the Center (e.g., extramural, intramural, budget, administration, grants management) and to enhance skill sets. NCCIH strives to encourage continual learning to promote career growth and to recognize excellence in work performance.

Working at NIH

Coming to the National Institutes of Health (NIH)

What's it like to arrive on the NIH campus in Bethesda, Maryland as a new researcher or other employee? Hear from numerous real NIH staff about their experiences coming to the Intramural Research Program at the NIH and learn a few of their tips for success.

Careers at NIH: Social and Behavioral Scientist Administrator (SBSA)

NIH staff members discuss the various aspects of the program director position, including NCCIH’s Dr. Lanay Mudd, who explains how this position allows her to make an impact on the larger research landscape.

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