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Video Library for Researchers

These NCCIH videos aim to help researchers understand our research priorities, funding mechanisms, grant writing, and review process. The NIH grant application process is challenging. View NCCIH grant application resources on our website and the videos below. 

We are building a video library and resources to help grant applicants! Please share your ideas for future videos and educational resources. 

Utilizing the NCCIH Framework To Select a Funding Opportunity for Clinical Research (Dr. Wendy Weber)

Dr. Weber provides an overview of the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) Framework for Research. She provides instructions on how to use the framework to select a funding opportunity to align with the research interests of investigators. 


Tips for Making Sure Your Application Is Reviewed (Dr. Jessica McKlveen)

Dr. McKlveen provides an overview of what it means to submit an application that is complete, compliant, and responsive. She offers helpful tips for how applicants can ensure that their application meets these aspects in order to proceed to the first level of peer review.