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How Your Application Is Reviewed

Review Process

Applications assigned to NCCIH are either reviewed by the Center for Scientific Review (CSR) study section or NCCIH Office of Scientific Review (OSR) Special Emphasis Panels (SEPs). A list of CSR study sections, their membership rosters, and the topics reviewed by these study sections can be found the CSR website. Applicants may use the CSR Assisted Referral Tool (ART) to identify CSR study sections that might be appropriate for review of your application.

NCCIH Special Emphasis Panels (SEPs) review all training and career development applications (F, K, and T awards) as well as multi-component applications (P01). Many applications proposing clinical trials will be submitted in response to a NCCIH-issued clinical trial funding opportunity announcement (FOA), and therefore will be reviewed by a NCCIH SEP. Additionally, applications submitted in response to NCCIH Request for Applications (RFAs) and Program Announcements (PARs) with a specific scientific focus will also be reviewed by a NCCIH convened SEP. For an example of who reviews the applications, see the list of recent reviewers.

Additional information about the NIH application review process:

Retrieve Grant Information at eCommons

The eCommons program is used by grant applicants and current grantees.

Grant applicants can:

  • View the submitted application
  • Retrieve assignment information
  • Find contact information for the assigned program director and scientific review officer
  • Find review meeting and council meeting dates
  • Locate the priority score and summary statement after the application is reviewed.

Current grantees can:

  • Submit annual progress reports and other critical interactions with NIH.