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Director’s Messages

Article Spotlights an Often-Neglected Part of the Body

September 27, 2023

I was so pleased to speak recently with The New York Times reporter, Danielle Friedman, for her recent story on fascia, “The Tissue That Connects Our Muscles May Be a Key to Better Health.” The role of fascia in how our bodies function and the impact on our health is a topic that hasn’t gotten enough attention, but that is beginning to change, and it’s encouraging to have a thoughtful discussion on this subject. Read more

Latest Messages From the Director

Funding Opportunity for Research on Myofascial Pain Biomarkers

August 8, 2023

I’m writing today to flag an important funding opportunity related to research on myofascial tissues and their role in musculoskeletal pain. Read more

Join Us for an NIH HEAL Initiative Workshop on Whole Joint Health

June 29, 2023

When people have pain in their joints, it’s often assumed that the cartilage in the joint is to blame, and that damage to cartilage is a progressive and irreversible process that can only be managed until the joint needs to be replaced. Read more

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