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NCCIH Clinical Digest

for health professionals

The NCCIH Clinical Digest is a monthly e-newsletter that summarizes the state of the science on complementary and integrative health practices for a health condition (diabetes, cancer, sleep disorders, etc.)—clinical guidelines, literature searches, continuing medical education, and information for patients.

In each issue, you'll find evidence-based information for several complementary health practices used for the highlighted condition.

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Seasonal Allergies and Complementary Health Approaches

May 2023A woman and a child outdoors around flowers

There is reasonably good evidence that nasal irrigation with saline can be useful for relief of seasonal allergy symptoms. Other complementary practices frequently used for symptom relief, such as acupuncture and probiotics might be helpful. However, the scientific evidence on these practices is limited, conflicting, or demonstrates safety concerns of the therapies. More studies are needed before researchers can say whether these approaches are effective and safe for treating seasonal allergy symptoms.

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