Past Events

DateEventType of Event
09/29/21 Methodological Approaches for Whole Person Research WorkshopConferences/Workshops
09/21/21Food Insecurity, Neighborhood Food Environment, and Nutrition Health Disparities: State of the ScienceConferences/Workshops
09/10/21Advisory Council 78th MeetingAdvisory Council
08/25/21Music and Health: Relating Target Engagement to Clinical Benefit—Biomarkers for Brain Disorders of AgingConferences/Workshops
08/05/21Mind and Body Interventions Technical Assistance WebinarTechnical Webinars
07/21/21Approaches to Effective Therapeutic Management of Pain for People With Sickle Cell Disease (SCD)Conferences/Workshops
06/18/21Music and Health: Assessing and Measuring Target Engagement—Mechanistic and Clinical Outcome Measures for Brain Disorders of AgingConferences/Workshops
06/14/21Enhancing Well-Being Measurement in Health Research, Clinical Care, and Population Health PromotionConferences/Workshops
06/10/21National Institutes of Health Psilocybin Research Speaker Series—June 10, 2021 LectureConferences/Workshops
06/10/21The Importance of Expectation in Pain: Experimental Modeling in HumansPain Seminar
06/08/21Cooperative Pain Education and Self-Management (COPES): A Technology-Assisted Intervention for PainIMLS
06/07/21National Institutes of Health Psilocybin Research Speaker Series—June 7, 2021 LectureConferences/Workshops
06/04/21National Institutes of Health Psilocybin Research Speaker Series—June 4, 2021 LectureConferences/Workshops
05/27/21National Institutes of Health Psilocybin Research Speaker Series - May 27, 2021 LectureConferences/Workshops
05/25/21Neural Mechanisms of Force-Based Manipulations: High-Priority Research Networks Technical Assistance WebinarTechnical Webinars
05/24/212021 NIH Pain Consortium SymposiumConferences/Workshops
05/14/21Advisory Council 77th MeetingAdvisory Council
05/13/21Teaching the Brain to FearPain Seminar
05/04/21Healing the Opioid Crisis with Mindfulness-Oriented Recovery Enhancement (MORE): Clinical Efficacy and Neurophysiological MechanismsIMLS
04/27/21NCCIH Hot Topic Webinar: Engaging Diverse Communities in Complementary and Integrative Health ResearchHot Topics Webinars
04/26/212021 HHS Small Business Program Conference: Diverse Perspectives SEEDing Impactful InnovationsConferences/Workshops
04/13/21The Potential of Using Artificial Intelligence To Solve the Puzzle of SalutogenesisConferences/Workshops
04/11/21Integrative Medicine & Health SymposiumConferences/Workshops
04/08/21Somatosensory Neuron Types and Neural NetworksPain Seminar
03/31/21Laying the Foundation: Defining the Building Blocks of Music-Based InterventionsConferences/Workshops
03/18/21All in the Mind? The Role of Psychology in the Treatment and Etiology of PainPain Seminar
03/04/21National Consumer Protection Week Twitter ChatLive Social Media
03/04/21Charla en Español por Twitter Durante La Semana Nacional de Protección del ConsumidorLive Social Media
02/24/21Maternal Health Twitter ChatLive Social Media
02/22/21NIH Science of Behavior Change (SOBC) Common Fund Program Conference Conferences/Workshops
02/11/21Applying Evolutionary Principles to Pain ResearchPain Seminar
02/11/21Preapplication Webinar: The NIH Common Fund’s Nutrition for Precision Health Program RFAsTechnical Webinars
01/29/21NIH HEAL Initiative Technical Assistance Webinar Technical Webinars
01/25/21NIH Faculty Institutional Recruitment for Sustainable Transformation (FIRST) Program WebinarTechnical Webinars
01/15/21Advisory Council 76th MeetingAdvisory Council
01/14/21The emotional consequences of chronic pain: Special focus on the Anterior Cingulate Cortex Pain Seminar
12/10/20Incerta-thalamic Circuit Controls Nocifensive Behavior via Cannabinoid Type I ReceptorsPain Seminar
12/09/20All Health Is Not Created Equal: Where You Live MattersDistinguished Lectures
11/12/20The functional role of spinoparabrachial pathway in nociceptive information processingPain Seminar
10/27/202020 NIH Virtual Seminar on Grants Administration and Program FundingExhibits
10/23/20NCCIH Workshop 2020: Exploring the Mechanisms Underlying Analgesic Properties of Minor Cannabinoids and TerpenesConferences/Workshops
09/30/20NCCIH Hot Topic Webinar: Implementation Science and Complementary Health InterventionsHot Topics Webinars
09/29/20National #YogaMonth Livestream: The Science and Practice of YogaLive Social Media
09/25/20Advisory Council 75th Meeting Advisory Council
09/16/20NIH HEAL Initiative Workshop on Myofascial PainConferences/Workshops
09/01/20Multimorbidity Funding Opportunity Announcements Technical Assistance WebinarTechnical Webinars
07/15/20Probing Interoceptive Processes: Behavioral, Psychological, and Neurophysiological LevelsHot Topics Webinars
07/01/20NCCIH Strategic Planning Town Hall: Public Comment SessionPublic Hearing
06/30/20Lighting Up Our Lives: How Light Influences Our Mental and Physical HealthIMLS
06/05/20Advisory Council 74th MeetingAdvisory Council
05/29/20First Annual Botanical Safety ConsortiumConferences/Workshops
05/08/20“Whole Person Health: Mapping a Strategic Vision for NCCIH” Webinar & Town HallConferences/Workshops
05/05/20NIH Livestream Demonstration: More Stretching, Less StressingLive Social Media
03/17/20Webinar for "Emotional Well-Being: High-Priority Research Networks (U24, Clinical Trial Optional)", RFA-AT-20-003Technical Webinars
03/02/20Technical Assistance Webinar for "HEAL Initiative: Pragmatic and Implementation Studies for the Management of Pain to Reduce Opioid Prescribing (PRISM) (UG3/UH3, Clinical Trials Optional)", RFA-AT-20-004Technical Webinars
02/19/20NCCIH Strategic Planning Webinar: Whole Person HealthHot Topics Webinars
02/07/20Mouse Models and Human Stem Cells - Complementary Approaches to Study Sensory NeurobiologyPain Seminar
02/07/20Advisory Council 73rd MeetingAdvisory Council
12/19/19Alcohol and Drug Addiction: The Gain in the Brain is in the PainPain Seminar
12/06/19Dietary Supplements Preapplication WebinarTechnical Webinars
10/19/19Neuroscience 2019Exhibits
10/10/19Opioids and Cannabinoids in Pain: What We Don’t Know About Presynaptic GPCRs Is Hurting UsPain Seminar
10/03/19Two Pre-application Webinars on Natural Product Drug InteractionsTechnical Webinars
09/23/19Why We Need a Pain Revolution: From Science to PracticeNews & Events
09/23/19Why We Need a Pain Revolution: From Science to PracticeDistinguished Lectures
09/23/19NCCIH at 20: A Catalyst for Integrative Health ResearchConferences/Workshops
09/20/19Advisory Council 72nd MeetingAdvisory Council
09/17/19Neurocircuitry of Force-Based ManipulationsConferences/Workshops
06/26/19Watch Your Step, There Is New Chemistry EverywhereIMLS
06/10/19Bacteria Get on Your Nerves: How Bugs Modulate Pain and ImmunityIMLS
06/07/19National Advisory Council for Complementary and Integrative Health - June 7, 2019Advisory Council
05/29/19HHS SBIR/STTR PHS 2019-2 Grant Omnibus WebinarTechnical Webinars
05/09/19Gut Microbes in a Disruptive AgeIMLS
04/22/19Overview and Discussion of the Medical Rehabilitation Research Resource Funding Opportunity Technical Webinars
04/18/19Dissecting Spinal Pain Circuits for the Development of Novel Viral Gene TherapiesPain Seminar
04/16/19The Science of Interoception and Its Roles in Nervous System DisordersConferences/Workshops
04/06/19Experimental BiologyExhibits
04/03/19American Pain Society Scientific Meeting: Combating the Opioid Epidemic through Innovations in the Treatment of PainExhibits
03/28/19Dissecting the Neural Circuits for Motivated BehaviorsPain Seminar
02/11/19CARBON Program Preapplication WebinarsTechnical Webinars
02/11/19Translating Fundamental Science of Acupuncture into Clinical Practice for Cancer Symptom Management, Pain, and Substance AbuseConferences/Workshops
02/08/19Advisory Council 69th MeetingAdvisory Council
02/07/19HEAL Initiative: Pragmatic Randomized Controlled Trial of Acupuncture for Management of Chronic Low Back Pain in Older Adults (UG3/UH3 Clinical Trial Required) - Technical Assistance VideocastTechnical Webinars
02/06/19Natural Products and Pain: The search for novel nonopioid analgesicsConferences/Workshops
01/23/19Pre-application Webinar: Back Pain Consortium (BACPAC) Research Program - Detailed Discussion of the four BACPAC FOAsTechnical Webinars
01/18/19Music and Health Technical Assistance WebinarTechnical Webinars
01/17/19Preventing Opioid Use Disorder in Older Adolescents and Young Adults (ages 16-30) FOA Technical Assistance WebinarTechnical Webinars
01/10/19General Anesthesia, Sleep, and PainPain Seminar
12/17/18NIH HEAL Pain Management Effectiveness Research Network (ERN) Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) Applicant WebinarTechnical Webinars
12/13/18Connectomics of Chronic Pain and for Placebo in Chronic PainPain Seminar
12/08/18Evaluating the Therapeutic Potential of Cannabinoids: How to conduct research within the current regulatory framework Conferences/Workshops
12/04/18The Role of Nonpharmacological Approaches to Pain Management: A WorkshopConferences/Workshops
11/29/18Transforming Veterans’ Health: Implementing a Whole Health System of CareDistinguished Lectures
11/13/18Pain in Mice and Man: Ironic Adventures in TranslationPain Seminar
11/03/18Neuroscience 2018Exhibits
10/11/18Applying Psychological Science for Pain Relief and Opioid Reduction Across the Continuum of CarePain Seminar
10/05/18Advisory Council 68th MeetingAdvisory Council
09/19/18Nature Contact and Human Health: A Multimethod ApproachIMLS
09/13/18NIH Workshop on Enhancing Natural Product Clinical TrialsConferences/Workshops
09/12/1817th World Congress on PainExhibits
09/11/18Chronic Pain: The Science of Complementary and Integrative Health ApproachesConferences/Workshops
08/15/18Closed Session Meeting Advisory Council
06/14/18Agmatine-based Therapeutic Approaches Reduce Established Chronic PainPain Seminar
06/04/18Caring for our Military: Considering Nondrug Therapies for PainIMLS
06/01/18Advisory Council 66th MeetingAdvisory Council
05/10/18Imaging Neuroimmune Activation in Human Pain DisordersPain Seminar
05/08/182018 International Congress on Integrative Medicine and Health - Collaboration in Action: Advancing Integrative Health through Research, Education, Clinical Practice and Policy Exhibits
05/08/18International Congress on Integrative Medicine & Health Conferences/Workshops
04/23/18Reframing the Primary Care Management of Chronic PainIMLS
04/21/18Experimental Biology (EB) 2018Exhibits
04/07/18USA Science & Engineering Festival 2018Exhibits
03/12/18Under Your Skin: Molecules and Cells for Touch and PainIMLS
03/08/18Endogenous Opioid Systems, Health and ResiliencyPain Seminar
03/04/18Innovations in Marine Natural Products Research: From Discovery to ApplicationConferences/Workshops
03/04/18American Pain Society 37th Annual Scientific Meeting: Understanding Pain Mechanisms Scientific SummitExhibits
02/09/18Advisory Council 65th MeetingAdvisory Council
02/08/18Cortical Plasticity as a Key Target for Treating Chronic Pain and AnxietyPain Seminar
02/07/18Teaching Kitchen Collaborative Research Day 2018Conferences/Workshops
01/21/18 Keystone Symposia: Natural Products and Synthetic Biology: Parts and PathwaysConferences/Workshops
12/07/17Sex and Pain: What's the Story?Pain Seminar
11/11/17Neuroscience 2017: Society for Neuroscience Annual MeetingExhibits
11/09/17Neuronal Circuitry for Pain and Itch Processing in the Spinal Dorsal HornPain Seminar
10/19/17Communicating Science to the Public: Follow the ScienceIMLS
10/12/17Circuit and Function of Mammalian Pain- and Touch-Sensing NeuronPain Seminar
10/06/17Advisory Council 64th MeetingAdvisory Council
09/27/17HealthMeasures User Conference Conferences/Workshops
09/07/17A Nation Under Pressure: The Public Health Consequences of Stress in AmericaDistinguished Lectures
06/12/17Integrating Chemical and Biological Profiling for the Functional Annotation of Complex Natural Product MixturesIMLS
06/02/17Advisory Council 62nd MeetingAdvisory Council
05/17/17American Pain Society 36th Annual Scientific MeetingExhibits
05/11/17Using ,[object Object], to Study the Effects of Bioactive Lipids in Sensory Ion ChannelsPain Seminar
05/09/17New NCCIH Funding Opportunities for Natural Products Clinical TrialsTechnical Webinars
04/27/17New NCCIH Funding Opportunities for Mind and Body Clinical Trials WebinarTechnical Webinars
04/24/17New NCCIH Funding Opportunities for Mind and Body Clinical TrialsTechnical Webinars
04/18/17NCCIH’s New Approach to Funding Clinical TrialsTechnical Webinars
04/18/17NCCIH’s New Approach to Funding Clinical Trials WebinarTechnical Webinars
04/13/17Understanding Pain in the Brain: Top-Down Versus Bottom UpPain Seminar
04/10/17Pain and Opioid Management in Veterans: Evidence, Lessons Learned, and Future Directions in the Use of Collaborative and Integrated Care ApproachesIMLS
03/27/17Promoting Resilience in Military Families: After Deployment, Adaptive Parenting ToolsIMLS
03/15/17DC 2017: Meeting of the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC), and the Association for Chiropractic Colleges (ACC)Exhibits
03/09/17Cerebral Mechanisms of Pain Avoidance LearningPain Seminar
02/09/17Chronic Pain Control by Neuroinflammation and Alternative Medicine ApproachesPain Seminar
02/03/17Advisory Council 61st MeetingAdvisory Council
01/12/17Challenges to Translational Pain Research Pain Seminar
12/05/162016 NIH Common Fund High-Risk, High-Reward Research SymposiumConferences/Workshops
11/12/16Neuroscience 2016: Society for Neuroscience Annual MeetingExhibits
11/10/16Pain in the Brain As Studied By Recordings from the Human Brain During Awake SurgeriesPain Seminar
10/26/162016 NIH Regional Seminar Program Funding and Grants AdministrationConferences/Workshops
10/17/16Opioids for Chronic Pain: Evidence, Guidelines, and Policy and Practice ImplicationsIMLS
10/14/16Advisory Council 60th MeetingAdvisory Council
09/29/16International Plant Sterols/Stanols, Health and Disease ConferenceConferences/Workshops
09/28/16Screening and Supplementation of Iron-replete Pregnant Women and Young Children: Iron Workshop from Office of Dietary Supplements (ODS)Conferences/Workshops
09/12/16“Minding” Our Bodies: Research on the Impact of Tai Chi on Cognitive-neuromuscular Interactions in Older AdultsIMLS
06/14/16A Motivation-Decision ModelPain Seminar
06/09/16Implementing Evidence-Based Prevention By Communities To Promote Cognitive, Affective, And Behavioral Health In Children: A WorkshopConferences/Workshops
06/06/16Fibromyalgia Integrative Training for Teens (FIT Teens): Development of a Novel Non-Pharmacologic Treatment for Juvenile FibromyalgiaIMLS
06/03/16Advisory Council 59th MeetingAdvisory Council
06/01/16HealthMeasures User WorkshopConferences/Workshops
05/31/16Annual NIH Pain Consortium Symposium Conferences/Workshops
05/17/16International Congress Integrative Medicine & Health 2016Exhibits
05/11/16American Pain Society 35th Annual Scientific MeetingExhibits
05/03/16Change Your Brain by Transforming Your MindDistinguished Lectures
05/03/16Dissecting GPCR Signaling and Neural Circuits in Stress BehaviorsPain Seminar
04/16/16USA Science & Engineering Festival 2016Exhibits
04/05/16Modeling Nociception in Zebrafish, from Development to FunctionPain Seminar
04/04/16New Bio-Based Supply Chains for MedicinesIMLS
04/02/16Experimental Biology 2016Exhibits
03/29/16Pathways to Prevention Workshop: Advancing Research To Prevent Youth SuicideConferences/Workshops
03/22/16Marijuana and Cannabinoids: A Neuroscience Research SummitConferences/Workshops
03/07/16The Sensory Neurons of Touch: From Function to DysfunctionIMLS
02/02/16Making Novel Pain Drugs by Selectively Targeting Nav1.7 Channels with Compounds That Bind Directly To the S4 Voltage-SensorPain Seminar
01/05/16How Does The Brain Represent Pain? Insight from the New Concepts of a Dynamic Pain Connectome and the Pain SwitchPain Seminar
12/02/15Network Pharmacology and Natural Products Conferences/Workshops
12/01/15Mapping the Spinal Circuits That Process Noxious and Innocuous StimuliPain Seminar
11/03/15Optogenetics, Eletrophysiology, and Behavior: A Combined Approach to Study the Neural Circuits of Pain and ItchPain Seminar
10/17/15Society for NeuroscienceExhibits
10/14/15NIH Regional Seminar on Program Funding and Grants Administration Conferences/Workshops
10/07/15Dynamic Regulation of Spatial Aspects of PainPain Seminar
10/06/15Towards Psychobiotics: The Microbiome as a Key Regulator of Brain and BehaviorIMLS
10/02/15Advisory Council 57th MeetingAdvisory Council
09/21/15Massage Therapies—From Lab Bench Top to the PatientIMLS
09/21/15FTC Workshop to Examine Advertising for Over-the-Counter Homeopathic Products Conferences/Workshops
09/09/15Webinar: The National Endowment for the Arts Announces Research Grant Funding OpportunityConferences/Workshops
08/26/15Advisory Council 56th MeetingAdvisory Council
07/26/15Training Institute for Dissemination and Implementation Research in HealthConferences/Workshops
06/15/15National SBIR/STTR Conference Conferences/Workshops
06/08/15Social Regulation of Human Gene ExpressionIMLS
05/27/15TRP Channels and Pain: From Physiology to Atomic Structure Lectures
05/26/15NIH Pain Consortium Symposium: “Looking Back and to the Future”Conferences/Workshops
05/19/15Medicinal Plant Consortium Mini-Symposium on Plant GenomicsConferences/Workshops
05/18/15The Trial To Assess Chelation Therapy (TACT)—Connecting Silos of Scientific InformationIMLS
05/13/15American Pain SocietyExhibits
05/04/15Liver Injury from Herbal and Dietary Supplements WorkshopConferences/Workshops
04/20/15FDA Public Hearing on Homeopathic Product RegulationPublic Hearing
04/13/15Social Networks For Molecular AnalysisIMLS
03/16/15NIH Adherence Network Distinguished Speaker SeriesConferences/Workshops
03/09/15Tranceformation: Hypnosis in Brain and BodyIMLS
02/26/15Third National Summit: Advancing Research in the Arts for Health and Well-being Across the Military ContinuumConferences/Workshops
02/25/15Media Webinar: Children’s Use of Complementary Health ApproachesConferences/Workshops